Miss Chera

Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Our two kittens are in surgery right now. T is being neutered & A is being spayed. T has a heart murmur, and I am waiting to hear from the vet if the surgery can be performed. Lil Darling misses them terribly, and could not wake up this morning without the kittens jumping all over her.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Family problems (venting)

My FIL has been fighting the big "c" for almost a year. During the last year, he has had problems tolerating the chemo, sickness, tumors not shrinking, hearing what he wants to hear, etc. Well, the dr. he is seeing has a PA which my FIL hears only what he wants to hear. The PA last week told him the tumor is inactive - my FIL heard he is in remission and the tumor has gone away. He was so excited, and wrote a letter to the Pope. Well, he went back on Friday to check more test results, and the dr. saw him. She corrected him that he was not in remission, and told him he would be fighting cancer for the rest of his life. The wind left his sails, and he is back to feeling ugh again.

There is a little background info that you should know about my relationship with my inlaws. Simply, they dislike me with all their being. Never in my life have I know anyone who hates me as much as they do. I know, I know...I have lived a very sheltered life to not have someone dislike me, but they have not liked me since Mr. Chera & I started dating. And, I truly believe they think Mr. Chera married down. I have not done one thing to set this relationship in a downward spiral...it just the simple fact that they dislike me and will never try to establish a relationship with me...no matter how hard I try to get a relationship started with them.

We have plenty of good times to look back at too (insert sarcastic laugh here)...After Lil Darling was born, my MIL & I did not speak to one another for 10 months over a christening dress & after she screamed so loud at me on the phone that I hung up on her and had to buy a new phone 'cause she screamed so loud the speaker quit working! During this time of no speaking, I did not go to visit them, but did not hinder Mr. Chera and Lil Darling from going to visit. I wanted Lil Darling to know her grandparents. My FIL videotaped every visit, and other relatives visits with them. When we started speaking again, they shared the videotape with Mr. Chera & I by sending it home with us. One night I was watching the tape with my parents, and heard my MIL call me a B**** when talking with Mr. Chera's aunt & uncle. I was devastated, and did not tell Mr. Chera for two weeks about it. When Lil Darling had surgery to remove a tumor when she was 12 months old, they did not come to the hospital - they had more important things to do like go to the casinos in Louisiana. When Lil Darling has any special program or recital, they can not attend because they would have to drive in the dark, rain, etc. I am not usually a fighter, but both MIL & FIL have pushed me to fight with them & at times, sink to their level. So now, since the big "c" has come to visit my FIL, I have tried so hard to be supportive for my FIL & MIL, and let the past go. Although now, I have grown so tired of hearing about how crappy their lives are. I am so desensitized to their problems, and I hate this. I have always been and tried to be the caring person, but I find myself pushing myself away from them which puts Mr. Chera in a bad position once again. I am just venting about this relationship. I will continue to care, but I think I will need a break from all of this soon!!! :O)

Up early

Mr. Chera got up early this morning, and I got up with him. I will probably go down really fast this afternoon. I have not decided if I am a night owl or a morning person.

I have a lot to do this morning - gathering everything, making lunches, taking care of four cats. It can be exhausting with four cats. What were we thinking?

Next Tuesday, our two kittens will be fixed, and it can not be too soon. We have a female and a male, supposedly brother and sister. Our vet says otherwise - one is a gray tabby (female) and one is a brown tipped siamese (male). We noticed last night that our female is having 'her time'. Our siamese is following her around, and calling for her. We have separated them now, but we may already be in trouble. We waited a month too long to have them fixed. Our other two cats already are fixed, and could care less about these kittens. We should have an interesting weekend!

Well, gotta get ready.

Monday, January 23, 2006

What a week I had! (last week)

Well, I did not live up to my promise of posting once a day. But, I am trying to improve.

Lil Darling & I started the week off on a bad note. We both had stomach viruses. I totally believe it was food poisoning from her fav restaurant that has a mouse as their hero, and I am not talking about Mickey. She & I both had salads, and she got sick immediately, and then, I followed the next morning. I had to call in sick on Monday from it. During this time home, Lil Darling broke her DVD player that Santa bought, and Mr. Chera had to take it back to Best Buy. Good thing Santa purchased an extended warranty for the TV and DVD player.

After this start to the week, I was in a funk the rest of the week. Every little thing bothered me at work and home. Things are tough at work, and it can get you down. I work with a group of women, and it gets so hard at times. Oh well, 'nuff about that. But, at least one of my fav shows started back - American Idol. As much as I hate to admit, I do enjoy watching it. Lil Darling absolutely loves it.

We had a good weekend. We picked up a new DVD player (it had to be ordered), and all was right in the world of Lil Darling. Laundry, cleaning, and church followed - what a combo.

Question to the internet world, but first, a little background:

Every week Lil Darling's preschool has a letter of the week. She has to take something for show & tell - last week was N, and she took a necklace. All the girls in the class brought necklaces, and Lil Darling wants to be unique this week. This week is the letter W - what should I send? Remember, this is preschool - I can not send Wine like Mr. Chera suggested. I was thinkg of send a Washer from Mr. Chera's toolbox. Let me hear from you!

Friday, January 13, 2006

Just a little note for now...

I normally love dealing and working with people. I am very people friendly, but I am having problems with people I work with. There are just some days I would like to scream, "Please grow up" or "Please stop talking to me". But, I can't I have to learn to deal with difficult people, and it sucks!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

One of those days

Well, today is just one of 'those' days. Mr. Chera is usually gone during the week, so I manage the house and Lil Darling until he is back. No wonder you hear about the single working mom's plight and hard times. And some mornings, I am ready to pull every hair out and run screaming from the house. This morning went like this:

Get up, get myself & Lil Darling dressed and ready, make Lil Darling's lunch, make sure I have everything, take off to preschool, run every yellow light with a 4 yr. in the back screaming, "There's another one. You have to stop on yellow!!!" all on about 1/16 tank of gas, drop her off at preschool, chit chat for a split second with one of her teachers, make sure her DORA (ugh!)backpack is in just the right spot, double check she has her lunch in said backpack, arrive 10 minutes late to work exhausted greeted by a watch watching boss. I know women all over the country do this every day, but today was just one of 'those' days. Whew!

Although, I did receive great news from one of my long time friends. She pregnant, and has been trying for sometime now. I am really, really jealous of her because Mr. Chera & I can not get pregnant. oh well

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


I got my feelings hurt that no one was commenting, and then looked at my site. I discovered the comments were not turned on. They are now, so go ahead and delurk.

Here's a few more...
-I am a night owl. Actually, I have not slept well since my Dad died.
-My Dad died in 2003. My husband and my Dad are and were the two most important men in my life. I was a Daddy's girl. Lil Darling is now a Daddy's girl.
-I love to cook, but I am very lazy during the week. I cook a lot during the weekends.

I guess I should do a 100 things on the sidebar, but I still have not learned how to do that.

Have a good day!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Little facts

I have decided to start making an entry everyday, and to let at least one fact out to the entire blogoshere internet thingy. I have been so apprehensive about letting people know me. In the past, I have written about Mr. Chera, Lil Darling, my Mom, MIL, FIL, etc., but have never let one thing out about me (aside from my love of popcorn). Today is my day to share, so here's a few (five to be exact) facts about me to get started:

-I am adopted, and have meet my biological mother. After meeting her, I appreciated my parents even more and realized their love for me. OK, OK, OK...I started off with a sappy one.
-I am addicted to Diet Coke and peppermints.
-Before I got married, I had only driven Chevrolet cars. Mr. Chera came into the marriage with a Dodge!
-I can not drive a stick shift.
-I never had acne problems until I had Lil Darling.

So, there...you know a little more about me.

Monday, January 09, 2006

De-Lurking Week

Let me know you visit! I know I have not made entries on a daily basis, but I hope to change this!

Sunday, January 08, 2006


...in one day - just a little update of our lives today. We stayed at home today. Mr. Chera & I caught up on cleaning & laundry. I actually cooked lunch & dinner. Took a long nap and read my latest "had to have" book. Lil Darling was busy finding homes for her new Barbies that Santa brought her. She even found some of last year's gifts to go with her new stuff.

Where have I been?

It is so hard to believe that I have not updated since August! Gosh, so much has happened! I am hoping to get to a point where I update daily and share pics. I am still so uneducated when it comes to blogging.

Lil Darling is growing by leaps and bounds everyday! She loves Barbie and her Leapster L-Max right now. In August, we added two more members to our family - two kittens. We are now a four cat house! I can not believe this. Thank goodness, Lil Darling can help out so much with these new additions. Mr. Chera is so happy about these new additions - as you can imagine.

My Mom had open heart surgery in August, and has been on the road to recovery. We have had a couple more hospital stays than she would have liked, but she is doing great. She is such a fighter! I tell her all the time that she is a tough old bird. She said my Dad was by her side during the whole time she was in SICU.

My FIL has not been doing that great, but he is still with us. He has had a lot of complications from chemo. My MIL is still not handling this well, she is so mad at the cancer and what it has taken from her. My FIL has ups and downs, and she has a difficult time with this.