Miss Chera

Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Wow! I need to catch up with everyone and update my blog. I really do not have much to say tonight, but will give a few brief overviews:
1. Lil Darling had her first IMAX experience this past weekend. Mr. Chera purchased the largest bucket of popcorn that I have ever seen.
2. IMAX theater seats are tooooooo narrow for my butt. I was afraid to eat alot of popcorn - I might of gotten wedged in the seat.
3. Work is going great - got a promotion & raise
4. Mr. Chera needs to weed-eat & I need to mow
5. Mower is at the shop - pulley is broken or something like that. I could not understand the repairman due to the large dip of snuff in his mouth. I was focused on it - thinking, "Dude, have you not heard about gum, lip, mouth cancer"
6. FIL is in the hospital - small intestine blockage
7. MIL is going crazy - worrying
8. I really, really want to go to the movies again. This time I will go to a stadium seat teather, and take a neck strap for the bucket of popcorn
9. Mr. Chera cleaned the house on Friday night - and vacuumed

That's about all for now.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Happy July 3rd

The Chera family had a great day today!

Mr. Chera and Lil Darling got up early today, and I slept in to about 9:00. I did not sleep too well last night, but hit the ground running. We did not go to church, but did all of our cleaning this a.m. We met Mr. Chera's parents for lunch, and then drove around town looking at houses for the MIL & FIL. They currently live about 60 miles away from us. They are trying to downsize especially now that my FIL is fighting cancer. Mr. Chera & I have been looking at this own garden home & development, and drove them by it today...and, they loved it. This is so surprising because they had specific requirements, and we were worried they would not like the area. There is a grocery store and Catholic church nearby as well as a small pond this home looks over (with ducks...my MIL is a big, big animal and nature lover). We did have a frightening moment, my FIL fell down while walking up to a home under construction. I was with him, and I just knew he was hurt badly, but luckily he was not. He will probably have a black eye from his glasses hitting his eyebrow, and have a few bruises on his left side. I think his pride was bruised as well. Mr. Chera had to help him up, and that was tough on my FIL.

We cooked out tonight, and Mr. Chera did *so* well with the grillin'. Tomorrow, we will cook out again. We have had several burn bans in our area, so hopefully, we will be able to pop a few firecrackers. Have a great 4th, and say a prayer for our troops stationed all over the world.