Miss Chera

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Whew! I am still recovering from the weekend of endless laundry. I did probably 14 loads of laundry, plus two more last night. I decided to go through all of Lil Darling's closet, and put what I could on ebay. I wanted to make sure I had everything clean before listing anything. I will start listing tonight if everything goes as planned.

Lil Darling is having trouble at school with one of her best friends. Her best friend does not want to play with her on the playground anymore. The two have been in a class together since they were 14 months old, and this is the first year that they have had separate teachers. They are next door to one another. Lil Darling told me last night that she does not want a new best friend, she already had one. I explained she needs to make friend in her class. So hard to be four!


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