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Monday, January 23, 2006

What a week I had! (last week)

Well, I did not live up to my promise of posting once a day. But, I am trying to improve.

Lil Darling & I started the week off on a bad note. We both had stomach viruses. I totally believe it was food poisoning from her fav restaurant that has a mouse as their hero, and I am not talking about Mickey. She & I both had salads, and she got sick immediately, and then, I followed the next morning. I had to call in sick on Monday from it. During this time home, Lil Darling broke her DVD player that Santa bought, and Mr. Chera had to take it back to Best Buy. Good thing Santa purchased an extended warranty for the TV and DVD player.

After this start to the week, I was in a funk the rest of the week. Every little thing bothered me at work and home. Things are tough at work, and it can get you down. I work with a group of women, and it gets so hard at times. Oh well, 'nuff about that. But, at least one of my fav shows started back - American Idol. As much as I hate to admit, I do enjoy watching it. Lil Darling absolutely loves it.

We had a good weekend. We picked up a new DVD player (it had to be ordered), and all was right in the world of Lil Darling. Laundry, cleaning, and church followed - what a combo.

Question to the internet world, but first, a little background:

Every week Lil Darling's preschool has a letter of the week. She has to take something for show & tell - last week was N, and she took a necklace. All the girls in the class brought necklaces, and Lil Darling wants to be unique this week. This week is the letter W - what should I send? Remember, this is preschool - I can not send Wine like Mr. Chera suggested. I was thinkg of send a Washer from Mr. Chera's toolbox. Let me hear from you!


At 7:05 PM, Anonymous Shirley said...

How about a Winnebago? :) I know...I'm a smarty pants!!!


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