Miss Chera

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Bridal shower

I went to Dallas today for a bridal shower for one of my college friends. Thank goodness for Mr. Chera. There has been bad weather (ice), and I did not have to drive. There were wrecks all over the place when we got into Dallas.

It's been awhile since I have seen her, and she looked great. I felt a little uncomfortable at first because I was the only friend attending that knew her in college. We became very close while at college, and she was even in my wedding. We have grown different ways since I got married. Of course, we live two hours away, but we do not email or call each other. I have always called her by a nickname. For example, if her given name were Christine, I would call her Chris, get it? Everyone there called her by her given name, and it was just unusual. Sounds like she is marrying a great guy, and will have a great mother-in-law.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Short post

I have had one tough week. I had my annual review at work, many, many doctor's appts. for me, Lil Darling is sick, Mr. Chera is home taking care of her, and I have reached my limit at work. So, just a quick note to let all know that I am still around.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Lost friend

I did not find my friend by Googling her or her new husband. I have been thinking quite a bit about her in the last few weeks. I think my thoughts wander to her because Lil Darling is going through some rough times in preschool with friends.

Lil Darling misses the friends she made in past classes. This year she is with a new group, and can not seem to make friends. Yesterday, she told me that a new girl started in her class, and they made friends! I was so excited, but...there is always a but. But, today, she & her new friend had a fight. My precious, wonderful, loving little girl punched this new girl. I am horrified! Where does this behavior come up? I am so disappointed with her actions. I have another concern ... her birthday is about a month away, and fear Lil Darling has been mean to the other children in her class. I hope her classmates will come to her party. I guess time will tell.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Lost contacts

It is funny how you lose touch with friends. Over ten years, I have lost touch with a few friends. New friends come, but can not seem to replace the ones you lose contact with.

I just found one old friend - she actually introduce Mr. Chera to me. She was in our wedding along with her little girls serving as flower girls. She got married and moved less than one year after Chad & I started our life together. I think I will google her or her husband's name to get a phone number.


Whew! I am still recovering from the weekend of endless laundry. I did probably 14 loads of laundry, plus two more last night. I decided to go through all of Lil Darling's closet, and put what I could on ebay. I wanted to make sure I had everything clean before listing anything. I will start listing tonight if everything goes as planned.

Lil Darling is having trouble at school with one of her best friends. Her best friend does not want to play with her on the playground anymore. The two have been in a class together since they were 14 months old, and this is the first year that they have had separate teachers. They are next door to one another. Lil Darling told me last night that she does not want a new best friend, she already had one. I explained she needs to make friend in her class. So hard to be four!

Saturday, February 04, 2006

The day of cleaning

Well, T and A are home and doing fine.Our vet and staff fell in love with our beloved T. He loves attention, and evidently, swiped his paw at every person who walk by his cage. They had T & A together in one cage. A is an introvert (sp?), she likes to be left alone. She is the first female cat I have had since I was a kid. Lil Darling loves A with all of her heart. Our vet called this morning to see how they were doing, and set up an appt. for A to have her stitches removed.

Last night, I discovered an awful thing. I have sorted clothes to be washed in our laundry room. I found A in the clothes. I thought at first she was bedding down in there, but discovered she was using the clothes as her litter box. I was horrified! I have been cleaning all morning. Washing clothes and mopping the floor. I think they have been doing this for awhile, and I just did not notice before last night. I always sort the clothes right in front of the washer & dryer, so they could have been doing this all along. I was so grossed out!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

T and A

Update: T has grown out of his murmur, and was able to have surgery. Mr. Chera called yesterday afternoon, and they made it through the surgery just fine. They had to spend the night at the vet's office, and I can pick them up today.

Lil Darling can hardly wait for them to get home. she misses them terribly. Thank goodness we have such loving cats. What were we thinking about with four cats in the house????

Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Our two kittens are in surgery right now. T is being neutered & A is being spayed. T has a heart murmur, and I am waiting to hear from the vet if the surgery can be performed. Lil Darling misses them terribly, and could not wake up this morning without the kittens jumping all over her.